TWE November


This month, Total World Energy looks at the power of onshore and offshore wind power and in the midst of the Global Goals announcement earlier this year and COP21 taking place in Paris next month, renewable energy is taking a very important stance.

The UK alone, in a recent survey conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, highlights that more than three quarters of the population – a staggering 76% – are now in support of renewable energy in the UK.

With solar energy taking the reins of popularity in the UK, holding 80% support amongst the British people, support for onshore wind generation, once provoking scepticism, is on the rise too, with two thirds now in favour.

“Support for renewable energy has been consistently high during the tracker at around 75-80%,” the survey explains. “Opposition to renewables was very low at 5%, with only 1% strongly opposed.

“Support for onshore wind has also increased slightly since it was last included in polling 6 months ago, rising from 65% to 66%, despite the Government’s decision to end financial support for future onshore wind projects.”

With the UK’s renewable energy target in place to source 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020 – there remains hesitation on whether this target will be fully met but if we look to the other European cities, the hope for permanent reform is much more palpable.

It was reported in July this year that Denmark generated 140% of its electricity demands from wind power alone and in September, the Swedish government announced its ambitious plans to spend a further US$546 million next year on renewable energy and climate control action in an attempt to become the world’s first fossil fuel-free nation, ending its dependence on fossil fuels.

It is an exciting and revolutionary time for renewable energy and with COP21 just around the corner, the future of renewable energy generation and its potential is now in the hands of those who can make a serious and very worthy change to the world we live in.



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