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Standing as the only steel mill in the world to combine the Corex and Midrex process into a continuous chain – helping to eliminate the requirement of blast furnaces and coke ovens – places Saldanha Works – part of ArcelorMittal SA – in an invaluable position to be a world leader in environmental management and emission control.
With greenhouse emissions at an all-time high across the globe, serious and detrimental statistics are highly documented in the media on a regular basis. But amid the severity and concerns of this information, the positive news of successful environmental initiatives and ways in which to curb these carbon emissions are now being implemented.
Intent on reducing its environmental impact, it was reported in 2012 that Saldanha Works saved an estimated R127 million as a result of the R21 million spent on energy saving initiatives it introduced in 2011 and with the introduction of a world-class manufacturing program, this helped to optimise the plant’s energy management program, placing it comfortably at the forefront of ArcelorMittal SA’s lowest-cost producers in 2014.
General Manager, Richard Holcroft explains: “We have an environmental manager and a team whose objective is to keep us honest and to ensure that each and every one of us understands that we have a duty to care for the environment. You rely heavily on the thinking and actions of your workforce and that’s really education and training and making sure they understand their responsibility as regards our duty to care for the environment.”
It is this ‘duty to care’ which we see in so many companies striving to reduce the environmental impact they have in an attempt to become more energy efficient. And while there are many challenges to face in combatting one of our biggest global issues – it is of course finding that equilibrium between a successful and sustainable business which is so important.

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