TWE Issue 11


In this month’s issue we focus on current and projected renewable projects and how these will help to impact on and encourage a more sustainable form of energy generation, reducing the need for imported fuels. The National Electric Power Company of Jordan (NEPCO), currently importing 97% of its energy needs, looks set to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels in a bid to install 600MW of solar PV capacity and 1,200MW of wind energy by 2020 – we also track the progress of Jordan’s latest 52.5MW Shams Ma’an Wind Project.

It seems that change is in the air for Kenya too with the Lake Turkana Project – the country’s single largest investment in history – it is expected to save Kenya an estimated $178 million in fuel imports every year and remains on target to generate 300MW by 2016 with the construction of 365 wind turbines.

Replacing the necessity for imported fuel is a positive step for so many reasons, not to mention the encouraging impact it can have on a country’s own energy generation but switching to renewables can help bridge that all important gap towards a more sustainable future. Gerasimos Stanitsas of Hellenic Petroleum, which currently stands as one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, explains: “There are apparent benefits if our exploration operations become successful for the company and for the country. Up until now Greece has had a limited production of indigenous oil, so there are many bright prospects regarding new areas.”

And if, like many, you enjoy nothing more than hopping on a plane and enjoying some much needed respite, we have selected a few of the best island getaways to spark the wanderlust in you.

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