The Streets of Monaco

It seems that for the world’s richest, a superyacht has become a significant sign of wealth and stance – measuring 163 meters, Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich’s ‘Eclipse’ has an estimated worth of $1.5 billion while the President of the United Arab Emirates currently holds the world record for the largest personal yacht, measuring an exponential 182 meters. Now, a new concept has been introduced by Yacht Island Design, for a superyacht that will replicate the illustrious streets of Monaco, including the Monte Carlo F1 grand prix track…

For the last 50 years, Monaco has been a hub for the mega rich, celebrities and wealth and now stands as one of the world’s wealthiest destinations.

With the famous Hotel de Paris where legends including Frank Sinatra and Errol Flynn used to frequent, Monaco is also home to the world’s renowned F1 race course, which has seen annual races held for over 70 years.

In 2011, an initial concept was put forward by Yacht Island Design, the UK based company, for a $1.1 billion superyacht. The term yacht, is used rather loosely here however as the concept is actually a replica of the city, aptly called, ‘The Streets of Monaco’.

The design is nothing if not remarkable, featuring numerous mini landmarks of the popular destination, it will replicate more a floating city for the world’s richest to indulge in true luxurious sightseeing and lounging away from shore.

Recreating all the wonderful sites of the Mediterranean city, the four-deck cruiser will include the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, the Café de Paris, La Rascasse and Loews Hotel, not to mention outdoor swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, tennis court and helipad.

The Hotel de Paris, first opened in 1863, was a part of the initial development of this world famous city and features three recognised restaurants including the Michelin 3-star Louis XV.

Perhaps the most notable and impressive feature of this superyacht – the Streets of Monaco – is its proposed replication of the celebrated Monte Carlo grand prix race course.

Company Director at Yacht Island Design, Rob McPherson said: “The idea was to recreate the circuit as a fully functional kart track able to accommodate three karts side by side to allow for plenty of overtaking.

“By sizing the track in this way it has driven the overall dimensions of the yacht and the placement of the famous landmarks.”

If it goes ahead, it will include capacity for 70 crew members and up to 16 guests to take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings on board. The yacht will also include a beach deck, a submarine allowing guests to take in the underwater sights and parking facilities for smaller yachts to moor up.

“The design theme called for a unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality,” McPherson explained.

The Atrium stands as the centrepiece of the yacht and has been designed with the gardens situated outside the Monte Carlo casino in mind. It features an especially large ornate staircase with a waterfall feature cascading water from the upper level pools into the lower pool and inviting Jacuzzi below.

The Atrium will link the upper and lower living areas and house the prospective owner’s living quarters spanning across three floors and measuring 455 sq. meters in total. The Atrium will have seven guest suites which all include a private balcony, reception room, bathroom, dressing room and bedroom.

Once completed, the Streets of Monaco will measure in at 25ft shorter than Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich’s private yacht – the Eclipse – which currently stands as the world’s third largest personal yacht, behind that of the President of the UAE which measures 182 meters.

It was announced earlier this year that an even larger and more expensive superyacht is now on the horizon – ‘Triple Deuce’. Set to launch in 2018, the owner of this extraordinarily large vessel remains a mystery but it will certainly be a hard one to surpass, measuring 222 meters in length with operating costs expected to run up to $30 million for every year it is at sea.

But although the Streets of Monaco will only measure, in superyacht terms, a modest 155 meters, it is perhaps the aesthetics of this design which is so impressive, recreating one of the world’s most eminent cities, it will stand as a home away from home, a true floating city for those lucky enough, and of course wealthy enough, to go aboard.

Yacht Island Design estimate the running and operating costs could run into the tens of millions on a yearly basis and so indubitably, the superyacht will require an extremely financially comfortable individual or commercial investment in a bid to turn this maritime dream into a reality.

McPherson added: “It took around six months to produce the Monaco concept. I think the team all have their favourite elements but all are incredibly proud of the end result. We have had a significant amount of interest from the general public wanting to take cruises and a number of enquiries for potential commercial applications.

“We are actively looking for clients, either private or commercial, with the vision to realise this new and interesting design direction. A starting price of around $400million would be a sensible starting point, escalating from there.


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