Subsea UK Awards, 2015


A time for recognition

The Subsea UK awards are a prestigious annual event aimed at celebrating the successes of UK companies and individuals in the Subsea sector. This year’s awards dinner was held the 11th February on the first day of the Subsea UK Expo – here we take a look at the winners of the night…

Subsea UK is the industry body dedicated to the British subsea industry, whose aim is to “increase business opportunities at home and abroad for the sector.” With over 290 member companies, Subsea UK is very much focused on promoting the expertise and track record that sets the UK subsea sector apart.

The Subsea UK Expo is the yearly focal point for the industry in Britain and the awards are the celebration of British subsea success locally and abroad that kicks off the event. The awards are an opportunity for industry figures to recognise the achievements of their peers and the UK’s leading position on the global stage.

The oil and gas sector is certainly not short of exhibitions and events, but Subsea UK recognised the need for a dedicated celebration of the talent and world-class practices in the subsea sector and held their first awards in 2007. They have kept up the tradition ever since and are a respected organisation for their role in advocating for the UK subsea sector.

This year’s glamourous event was held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) and attended by over 850 guests.

Sponsored by 3Sun Group, 2015’s Company of the Year award was won by energy services company, Proserv, for excellence and overall performance in the subsea sector. The company has been running for over half a century and has risen to become a global leader in the provision of technology services to the subsea sector.

Proserv were especially recognised for their revolutionary solutions for subsea companies that help provide more efficient and cost effective ways for them to operate. The company has almost tripled in size over the past three years, with over 2,200 staff and revenues of £264 miliion and operating in 11 countries.

Dave Lamont, CEO of Proserv, said in his acceptance speech that “there is only one better thing than winning – and that’s winning as a team. We have 2,200 fantastic people that make the difference every day so it’s a great honour, but it’s an even greater pleasure because it’s done by the team.”

Sponsored by Subsea UK themselves, the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Subsea Industry went to commercial diving veteran, Alf Leadbitter, of the Underwater Centre in Fort William. An award in recognition of the influence an individual can have on the industry over the course of their career.

Leadbitter has always worked in commercial diving, ever since starting his career in 1975 and has made a significant contribution to setting global standards for commercial diver training. He also had a major influence in the area of closed bell commercial diver training in Australia and has worked at the Underwater Centre for the past decade.

This year’s Innovation and Technology award, sponsored by Simmons & Co, was won by Tracerco in recognition of the success of its subsea pipeline inspection technology ‘Discovery’. Touted as a major breakthrough in the industry, oil companies using the technology can inspect subsea flowlines non-intrusively for both integrity flaws and flow assurance problems from the exterior of the pipe, without removing any of the coatings.

Lee Robins, Tracerco’s head of subsea services, explained that the company’s “ethos is to strive for technical excellence in order to add value to our customers, and Discovery is an excellent example of how our research and development team is able to work with our customers to create a technology solution that overcomes their most significant challenges.”

Express Engineering Oil and Gas scooped the Global Exports award, sponsored by Aberdeenshire Council, for successful exportation to the global subsea market. The precision engineering and machine component manufacturing firm has seen an exponential 58% increase in imports over the past two years, trebling sales to £19 million.

The New Enterprise award, sponsored by Apache, celebrates the success of a new start up enterprise in the subsea sector and was awarded to Tooltec. The firm was formed in 2013 and has only four employees, but boasts seven major subsea clients. Over the past year Tooltec has doubled the size of its facilities.

Finally, Alan Muirhead of Ingen Ideas took the award for Emerging Young Talent, in appreciation of his development and contribution at the company. Since joining Ingen as a graduate, Alan has dedicated himself to the mentoring of the next generation of engineers.

Considering some of the challenges facing the industry currently, it is valuable to have events such as the Subsea UK awards to highlight the exciting and positive developments in the industry and remind us of the advancements being made by companies and individuals every day. We look forward to seeing who the winners will be in 2016…


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