November 2014


It’s often easy to forget that there’s much more to renewable energy than wind and solar power. These are the pretty faces of the renewable energy industry; the ones that have proven themselves as viable energy sources and the ones that have the backing of many prominent players. But what about other sources? What about hydro power, what about biogas? While these are perhaps less popular than wind and solar, they certainly have the potential to provide huge contributions to the grid.

In the biogas sector there are many prominent players around the world including Agraferm Technologies based in Pfaffenhofen, Germany. This innovative organisation is run by a group of people with many years’ experience in biogas and the company is looking to grow internationally, spreading the word of quality biogas plants and how they can be extremely efficient and cost-effective when built and run correctly. We talk to two Directors from Agraferm about the history of the organisation that is set to grow in 2015.

We also feature the traditional energy industries, oil and gas, where we talk to VTTI about their new facility in Cyprus and also Mitsubishi Hitachi about development in Europe and their combined cycle gas turbines.

Interestingly, we hear from The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and hear how the association and its members are pushing internationally proven Dutch services around the world aligning with one of the common themes of this month’s edition – global expansion.

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