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Starting at APC Group almost three decades ago, Mark Robinson has used his entrepreneurial flair to turn the company into a market leader providing sustainable technology solutions to help improve the energy efficiency of its customers. Earlier this year Robinson was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’ at the New Energy and Cleantech Awards, a testament to his hard work and passion…

The definition of an entrepreneur is not always one who starts up a company but one who is also responsible for its continued success, growth and creativity. Mark Robinson joined the APC Technology Group almost three decades ago in 1985 as a sales engineer. By 1992, he had reached board level before becoming Managing Director in 2004. Today, as CEO of APC, Robinson has led the company to terrific heights through new innovations and technological advancements in the energy field.

With more and more companies and businesses, both big and small, wanting to reduce their energy bills and use more sustainable energy solutions, APC is there to help and advise where money can be saved on energy and help in controlling usage. This might be as simple a change as replacing lights with low energy bulbs.

The company’s emphasis has been on maintaining profitable growth, diversification and helping customers reduce business energy consumption. APC has managed this through a series of strategic acquisitions and by the creation of subsidiary companies. However, Robinson soon realised that he couldn’t build a sustainable technology company on just one product so he created an all-compassing holistic offering to customers, a turn-key solution.

Offering cleaner technology and energy efficiency is now driven through Minimise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of APC which is broken down into Minimise Holdings, Minimise, Minimise Energy and Minimise Controls.


Robinson’s entrepreneurial flair began almost 30 years ago but it was in 2008 that he moved across to the cleantech sector through the launch of Minimise. The energy reduction specialists have enjoyed significant growth and recognition for the development and distribution of energy efficient solutions, helping customers to maximise their profitability whilst reducing energy consumption.

Last year, one of APC’s biggest achievements came with signing a contract with Morrisons. “Until recently, Morrisons had been mainly doing lighting,” Robinson explained in a statement. “All credit to them, they saw the benefits they could gain by becoming more energy efficient and moved quickly to go into volume before any other chains.

“It’s great of us as it got us out of the blocks and got us a seat at the big table. We’ve now proven that we can provide our product to scale.”

Earlier this year, Robinson cemented his position in the sustainable energy sector being crowned ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’ at the New Energy & Cleantech Awards. Now in its 7th year, the awards recognises companies responsible for the shaping of future green energy and cleantech industries.

Speaking after the event, Robinson said: “I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of all my colleagues at Minimise and within the APC Technology Group. It was a great honour just to be shortlisted in this category with representatives from companies that share our commitment to energy efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

“Winning this award further establishes our position as industry leaders, delivering energy savings to clients of all sizes and sectors through our complementary range of products and services.

“As sponsors of the Retail Company of the Year award, Minimise would like to congratulate John Lewis on their success in this category and commend all the shortlisted companies, including Morrisons, The Co-Operative Group and Sainsbury’s, on their energy saving achievements.”

Adrienne Robins, Account Director at Quantum, said in a statement after the ceremony: “We are delighted that Mark’s success in expanding the Group and Minimise’s business operations and reach has been recognised by the new energy and cleantech industries in which the companies operate.

“We will do all we can to support Minimise’s ongoing expansion plans, which will cement their position at the forefront of the energy efficiency sector.”


It is inevitable that fossil fuels will eventually run out so planning ahead and finding alternative energy resources is imperative. There is now a large market for sustainability with new technology advancements and innovative products being introduced on a regular and global basis for all energy markets. It is easier perhaps to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the inevitable but it seems that it is only when we look at how much we spend on our energy bills each month that we feel motivated to seek alternative and more cost effective solutions. This is what APC, led by Mark Robinson, is hoping to achieve.

With exponential growth after the launch of Minimise in 2008, Robinson is looking forward to further expansion for the company, increasing its footprint to bigger markets opening new offices in Miami and Toronto. New acquisitions have also helped to place APC on the highly competitive energy pedestal. Acquiring Green Compliance plc has allowed APC to offer a water sustainability service with products including; rain and waste water harvesting, water consumption monitoring and management, leak detection and remediation and the management of water hygiene.

From switching to an energy efficient light bulb to improving the energy efficiency of an entire organisation, Mark Robinson has ensured a range of industries will benefit from the range of technologies developed to reduce energy consumption. Keeping up to date with technology advancements over the past 30 years, Robinson is showing how businesses can expand and grow successfully without increasing its carbon footprint.


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