December 2014



This month I was extremely excited to learn more about one of the most important projects that the European energy market has ever seen – the Shah Deniz Stage 2 development currently underway in Azerbaijan courtesy of BP and a host of other big name players from the industry.

Shah Deniz is one of the world’s largest discovered gas fields and research says that the reservoir is similar in size and shape to Manhattan Island. Imagine the amount of work that has to go into producing a field of this size – just to think about everything that is involved boggles the mind.

From surveying and discovery back in 1999 to first gas from Stage 1 in 2006, through to first gas of Stage 2 in 2018; this is a project that the entire continent should be excited about, providing a new route for gas into Europe and easing demand on Norway, Russia and North African pipelines that currently supply vast amounts of imported gas.

Being a 100% supporter of all types of power production, we also provide an insight into the renewable world with a look at E.ON’s big projects in Germany and the UK where hundreds of new wind turbines are set to go down over the coming months, providing green energy for thousands of homes. Then there is the major pumped storage scheme in Switzerland from Axpo, ‘Linthal 2015’. Axpo tell us more about the current status of this mega project and the challenges that go with working in tunnels in the Swiss Alps, thousands of metres above sea level.

We also take a look at the magnificent idea put forward for a clean, fast, cheap transportation in America from billionaire clean-tech guru Elon Musk. His ideas are futuristic and outlandish but the more you explore, the more they seem to make sense.

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